Part 03 – How to play sax in 60 minutes. English subtitles-AULA DE SAX – Prof.Ivan Meyer

– COMO TOCAR SAX EM 60 MINUTOS – III PARTE Prof.Ivan Meyer HOW TO PLAY SAXOPHONE IN 60 MINUTES The main goal of this video is to pass to the student the first bases of saxophone learning. Sliced in parts, these videos covers from unpack the instrument, mouthpiece connection, reeds, Embouchure, hands positioning, play one music, chromatic scale and reading knowledge, taught by who one have enormous experience in teaching saxophone, Ivan Meyer. Professor and luthier, Ivan Meyer founded the major site of saxophone in Brazil called EXPLICASAX – – and now we have the major Saxophone On-Line Course of Latin America, helping million of people learn saxophone in the comfort of its houses online, any time, day and night.

How to Play the Sax : How to Hold a Saxophone Properly

Use the proper technique for holding a saxophone when playing;learn how with tips from our expert sax player in this free sax video music lesson. Expert: Mitch Kaplan Contact: Bio: Mitch Kaplan has performed and taught music for two decades. He is also a published author of music education books and online articles. Filmmaker: JASON FREEDMAN

How to Play the Saxophone : Saxophone Lesson: Chromatic Scale Articulation

Watch a saxophone demonstration on chromatic scale articulation to help you learn to play and practice the saxophone in this free video lesson taught by a professional saxophoneplayer. Expert: Brian Medeiros Contact: Bio: Brian Medeiros has been playing the saxophone for more than 10 years. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

LGBT: Do you play any musical instrument(s), if not what would you want to learn to play?

I play sax, drums, clarinet, and I just started acoustic guitar…You can say I’m a music junkie, lol…Later on I want to learn piano.

Also, if your talent isn’t music, then what are some of your talents?

How to Play Tenor Saxophone : How to Hold a Tenor Saxophone

Hold a tenor saxophone using the correct hand placement when playing the sax and learn how with tips from our expert tenorsax player in this free sax video music lesson. Expert: Dave Birkin Bio: Dave Birkin has been a sought after saxophonist in the New England area for over thirty years. Filmmaker: Paul Ferguson

Sax Lesson – Long Tones (Dean Hilson – tenor sax) Learn to play saxophone and sax technique. A sax lesson from Dean Hilson looks at long notes from four different angles — the growl, vibrato, dynamics and ear training. This is a technique for beginners, intermediate and advanced sax players. Learn to play saxophone long tones. Im using a 10* Otto Link with a No. 3 Vandoren ZZ and a BG Ligature L28MJ. The horn is a Selmer Mk.6, serial 123XXX. Which puts it around 1964 I think.