Gospel Piano Lesson -Donnie McClurkin – I Call You Faithful

Here is a free piano lesson teaching you how to play Donnie McClurkin’s gospel song “I Call You Faithful.” The song is taught by Gospel and Jazz Pianist extraordinaire Alton Merrell. Get an Instructional DVD or Digital Download of this lesson and others like it by visiting www.altonmerrell.com Get your lessons today! You will not be disappointed! Have questions? Email us at contact@altonmerrell.com We look forward to helping you play at your maximum potential! Black Gospel Piano Course Hear and Play Gospel Lessons Christian piano music Gospel music piano lessons GospelKeyboard Gospel Organ Gospel Theory Play Piano Today Black Gospel Music Learn Gospel Music Music Teacher

Learn Bass Guitar Gospel and Urban – Funk Groove: Visit GospelBass.com to Purchase!

GospelBass.com – Urban Bass Techniques is designed to do one thing: Take your bass playing to another level. This DVD is geared for the beginner to intermediate bass player as Ivan Santiago exposes very specific and secret urban bass techniques that will completely change the way you play. From gospel to neo soul, Ivan shows you the top industrys secret tricks of the trade. You will learn things such as theory, scales, proper fingering along with very important bass techniques such as slapping, popping, fretting, harmonics, and ghost notes. You will even learn the very secret techniques to slugging as it relates to neo-soul music. As an added bonus we even have the patented LMS technology that allows you to notes, and chords being played with the virtual bass right on the screen. Ivan covers all aspects of urban bass playing and you can be assured that all of the techniques are HOT and can be applied immediately. This is the ultimate urban bass DVD you need to take your bass playing to another level.

Jason White – Really teaching you how to Play Gospel Piano (1 of 2)

Jason White is to much! I felt your pain. All that rewinding the video to get the chords down. Just for you I created a sheet to printout with the chords from this video. Go to the site directly below to get it. www.jasonwhitechords.icanplaygospel.com Oh and if you want the full length DVD now. You can go to the link below. Last time I checked it was on sale and it was worth it at full price. It’s like 4 1 hours of pure next level stuff. Enjoy. tinyurl.com

Neo Soul Jazz and Neo Gospel Chords Lessons – Learn Neo Soul "Slug" – GospelMusicians.com

UrbanWorship.GospelKeyboard.com to learn neo soul video on how to play Neo Sould and Jazz. Demonstrating Neo Soul Gospel on the Urban Worship Xtreme DVD. If you want to learn how to play Neo Soul and mix it with gospel, then this is the DVD to get.

"Are You Washed In The Blood" Free Bluegrass Gospel Banjo Lesson

Tabs available @ www.richardsandsouthern.com . This is my version of one of my favorite hymns of ALL TIME!! I’ve played this both as an offertory piece, and expanded into a full version with my sisters. And SUBSCRIBE if you like free lessons 🙂 Adios!