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How long would it take to learn how to play piano if you already know how to read music?

I’ve played the flute for about 10 years now, and I would like to learn how to play the piano. Apart from reading music I have some experience as a music producer. I would like to know approximately how long it would take to be proficient. I would also appreciate any suggestions on piano learning methods. Thanks.

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five finger exercise 180

“Five-Finger Exercises” for piano – Learn Piano Technique @ www.ZebraKeys.com Practice finger exercises daily prior to practicing or playing any songs will help to increase the flexibility of your fingers.

Is it realistic for a 17 year old to begin to learn how to play the piano?

I have a keyboard and have taught myself a few tunes on it such as Delta Goodrem- Fragile and Death Cab for Cutie- What Sarah Said
however i would love to learn to play piano properly and wondered if it was a sensible and realistic goal for me to achieve?
(With a piano teacher of course)

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