Hear and Play Jazz 101: Exploring Improvisation In Depth + Secret Licks

Visit www.HearandPlayJazz.com for more… Discover How to quickly and easily form tons of jazz chord patterns and runs that are guaranteed to have you standing out from the crowd. Accelerate your jazz learning curve by combining 3 secret elements that the pros don’t want you to know! How to ensure that no matter what voicings and blues licks you play, they’ll turn heads each and every time! The 7 secrets to playing signature solos like a pro from a pro! Visit www.HearandPlayJazz.com for more… Introducing The ALL-New Hear and Play Jazz 101 Series… The time is finally here! Learning to play jazz and being able to play an entirely different style of music has never been easier. No more having to struggle to learn jazz on your own. No more paying endless amounts of money for a private instructor just to tell you “you’ll get there soon.” Now, all you have to do is slip a DVD into your computer, laptop, or personal DVD player and learn literally everything you need to know to take your jazz piano playing to the next level. Now listen, you don’t have to go to jazz concerts anymore saying “I wish I could do that.” If you truly want to start playing jazz by ear right away, look no further. In this 2-hour, 2-disc set of step-by-step instruction, you’ll be taken by the hand and shown, step-by-step, how to master TONS of award-winning jazz tips, tricks, and techniques as well as signature soloing secrets that’ll have you sounding like a pro very soon. Visit http for more…

Sax Lesson – Long Tones (Dean Hilson – tenor sax) Learn to play saxophone and sax technique.

digitalpill.tv A sax lesson from Dean Hilson looks at long notes from four different angles — the growl, vibrato, dynamics and ear training. This is a technique for beginners, intermediate and advanced sax players. Learn to play saxophone long tones. Im using a 10* Otto Link with a No. 3 Vandoren ZZ and a BG Ligature L28MJ. The horn is a Selmer Mk.6, serial 123XXX. Which puts it around 1964 I think.

Learn to play the piano in 2 MINUTES!!!

Hi! This is a clip from my upcoming instructional dvd, “Unlocking the Keys.” This is a pretty simple clip for pretty simple people… nothing flashy, just smooth jazz for the beginner. The 4 hour instructional dvd will be available (at the latest) May of 2008, through Wheatworks Production Company (www.showmethat.com). It will cover secrets for the beginners as well as the advanced musicians. Thanks for the support, as it is my ultimate desire to keep pretty simple music both, pretty and simple!!! This dvd would not be possible without your support and GOD’S LOVE; Thanks again!!!

Sax Lesson – Stratospheric sax gliss (Dean Hilson – tenor sax)

digitalpill.tv A sax lesson from Dean Hilson on how to glide effortlessly into the the upper register in one long ascending note, which is called a gliss or glissando. Technique for intermediate to advanced sax players. Learn to play saxophone high tones. Im using a 10* Otto Link with a No. 3 Vandoren ZZ and a BG Ligature L28MJ. The horn is a Selmer Mk.6, serial 123XXX. Which puts it around 1964 I think.

Improvising on the saxophone – Learn to play the saxophone – sax lesson – Hello Saxophone

www.HelloSaxophone.com In this video James Dóxx gives an example of a very easy tune to practice some basic saxophone improvisations with. This movie is a free demo and one of the many high quality video instructions that come with “Hello Saxophone, The easy startersguide to the saxophone”. Hello Saxophone is tailored to get you from having never touched a saxophone right up to playing your first tunes without any help from outside and without teaching yourself bad habits! Of course it’s always best to get a teacher to help you if possible but if you’re in Alaska and there isn’t one around or if you just don’t have the time or money. This is the way to do it safely without one! http The number one starters guide to the saxophone!

Learning to play the saxophone (Hello Saxophone)

Learning to play the saxophone is fun! This movie is a demo of the many instructional video’s that are included in:”Hello Saxophone (www.hellosaxophone.com) The easy starters guide to the saxophone. For more info visit www.HelloSaxophone.com The first thing to do is to put the mouthpiece up against the upper front teeth in your mouth. Put your upper teeth about halfway on top of the mouthpiece (see the picture below). Its important that you dont push your teeth on the sax! but to push the sax up against your teeth! You do this by pushing the sax forward very slightly with your left thumb and by making sure the length of the neck strap is right. Let the horn rest comfortably against your belly. When you have the mouthpiece in your mouth, push the top of the saxophone away from you gently with your left thumb. You will feel some pressure on your upper teeth. The saxophone becomes sort of stuck between your thumbs and your upper teeth. This will leave your lower jaw completely free so you can breathe in easily without the sax bumbling about in your mouth. This also allows you to control the vibrations of the reed very precisely. Put your lower lip against the reed (make sure your lower teeth dont touch the reed). Curl your lower lip a little like you would if you were biting your lip or trying to say the B in the word baby very clearly so it becomes like a cushion between your lower teeth and the reed. Tthe key to producing good sound is good breathing. Pretend youre

Sax Lesson Chromatic improvisation Anton Delecca tenor sax Learn to play saxophone and sax technique

digitalpill.tv Anton Delecca explains the uses of chromatic scales in jazz improvisation and as a warm up excercise for sax. In this video, Anton describes three excersices for warm up that improve tone and dexterity and are very useful to enliven passages of improvisation. This video works together with the pdf download available from http

Sax Lesson: tuning the registers (Leo Dale – alto saxophone) how to play sax in tune

digitalpill.tv A sax lesson from Leo Dale on how to keep the various registers of the saxophone in tune. Using the interval of the 6th and some handy tips he picked up from studying JS Bach’s cello suites. Technique for intermediate to advanced sax players.

Learn to play Gospel Church Shouting Music, Licks, Runs, Tricks: soloingtechniques.com

soloingtechniques.com Improvisational DVD for jazz, R&B, gospel piano to learn tricks, licks, runs, riffs, and soloing techniques. This improvisational DVD will take your licks and chops to another level. Learn Gospel, jazz, R&B scales and soloing skills. Urban Soloing Techniques Volume I is an amazing improvisational soloing DVD for gospel, neo soul, jazz, and R&B styles. You are probably sick of playing the same chords and doing the same few runs and tricks that you find so mundane. Well now you will be able to spice up your playing with an arsenal of solos, licks, tricks, runs, riffs, and “phat” improvisational techniques. Urban Soloing Techniques Volume I is slated for the beginner to intermediate keyboard player. We will teach you the basics of soloing as it relates to scales, grace notes, fingering techniques, and ear training. Most importantly, we are giving you all of the important tools that you can use in today’s music, which will keep you contemporary and not “old-school” sounding. Many of the licks and tricks are taken from very popular gospel runs and jazz improvisational riffs that you hear in your favorite jazz and gospel artists. Look no further! This is the DVD you need to FINALLY phatten up your playing and take your chops to a whole other level. Urban Soloing Techniques Volume II is a continuation to our extraordinary Volume I DVD set and is slated for the intermediate player. We teach in a “shed style” manner in which we go crazy with every riff, lick