Part 03 – How to play sax in 60 minutes. English subtitles-AULA DE SAX – Prof.Ivan Meyer

– COMO TOCAR SAX EM 60 MINUTOS – III PARTE Prof.Ivan Meyer HOW TO PLAY SAXOPHONE IN 60 MINUTES The main goal of this video is to pass to the student the first bases of saxophone learning. Sliced in parts, these videos covers from unpack the instrument, mouthpiece connection, reeds, Embouchure, hands positioning, play one music, chromatic scale and reading knowledge, taught by who one have enormous experience in teaching saxophone, Ivan Meyer. Professor and luthier, Ivan Meyer founded the major site of saxophone in Brazil called EXPLICASAX – – and now we have the major Saxophone On-Line Course of Latin America, helping million of people learn saxophone in the comfort of its houses online, any time, day and night.

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