How to Play Conga Drums : Son Tumbao Latin Music Rhythms

Son tumbao Latin music rhythms are usually played on the conga drum in a slower fashion. Learn more about how to play son tumbao rhythms with tips from a professional conga drum player in this free music lesson video. Expert: Johnny Conga Contact: Bio: Johnny Conga has been performing on the conga drum for over 40 years. Filmmaker: Curtis Enlow

How to Play Drums : Playing With the Match Grip

Play drums with the match grip stick holding technique; learn how with tips from our expert drum and percussion instructor in this free drum kit video music lesson. Expert: Frank Favacho Contact: Bio: Frank Favacho is the 2004 & 2005 winner of the “Guitar Center Drum Off” and has performed and recorded with a large variety of groups. He currently teaches in Austin, TX. Filmmaker: EV studios

How to Play African Drums : Learning New Sounds on a Djembe Drum

There are many ways to play a djembe drum. Learn how to discover new sounds on a djembe in this free African drum video from a musician. Expert: Jan Sebon Contact: Bio: Jan Sebon is a poet, musician, teacher and media personality who continues to define the Haitian experience with a unique voice based on his own life experiences and culture. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

Latin Drum Play Along #1 – Music Without Drums Sign up for more drum lessons at – This latin drum play along features Mike Michalkow playing ‘The Baiao’ latin drum beat. You can learn more Latin drum beats at! Learning how to play Latin drum beats is great practice for you limb independence as many of the beats have a few different rhythms begin played at once. – You can get the sheet music for this drum lesson at –

LGBT: Do you play any musical instrument(s), if not what would you want to learn to play?

I play sax, drums, clarinet, and I just started acoustic guitar…You can say I’m a music junkie, lol…Later on I want to learn piano.

Also, if your talent isn’t music, then what are some of your talents?

How do I learn how to play the drums?

I know how to play piano and the guitar pretty good. So I know that learning a new instrument takes time and experience. I’ve played with a drum set a few times before and now I want to learn how to play drums. Help me so I can get some ideas/knowhows to learn to play the drums. I want to get good enough to play for a indie group (soft rock/pop)

Drum Beats & Drumming Basics : How to Play a Double Stroke Drum Roll

Play a double-stroke drum roll by hitting twice with each stick in a right-right, left-left pattern; learn how with tips from our professional drummer and drum instructor in this free drum-kit video music lesson. Expert: Ken Marcou Contact: Bio: Ken Marcou grew up in central Massachusetts and played drums throughout school. With a drummer for a father, Ken took to the kit like a natural, and has been playing for over ten years. Filmmaker: macaela vandermost