Guitar & Bass Riffs & Styles : Learn to Play Jazz Swing on the Bass Guitar

Leanr how to play swing style on the bass guitar

Learn how to play jazz swing on the bass guitar in this free video series that talks about the guitar and the different musical stylings it lends itself to. Expert: Peter Volino Bio: Peter Volino is a singer, songwriter, and musician based in New York City who can be reached at (718) 381-7586 or at Filmmaker: Paul Muller

Learn how to play fingerstyle acoustic guitar lesson finger picking free strokes & exercises part4

Learn how to pick with your fingers on the acoustic guitar. Click the above link to check out our new DVD titled “Beginner Fingerstyle Guitar” – it has over 90 minutes of video lessons to get you playing the techniques of that sweet finger picked sounds – check it out This lesson is a part of a lesson on the above DVD where we teach you how to play fingerstyle guitar Many more lessons on the full on video instructional website at:

Gospel Piano Lesson -Donnie McClurkin – I Call You Faithful

Leanr how to play gospel on the piano.

Here is a free piano lesson teaching you how to play Donnie McClurkin’s gospel song “I Call You Faithful.” The song is taught by Gospel and Jazz Pianist extraordinaire Alton Merrell. Get an Instructional DVD or Digital Download of this lesson and others like it by visiting Get your lessons today! You will not be disappointed! Have questions? Email us at We look forward to helping you play at your maximum potential! Black Gospel Piano Course Hear and Play Gospel Lessons Christian piano music Gospel music piano lessons GospelKeyboard Gospel Organ Gospel Theory Play Piano Today Black Gospel Music Learn Gospel Music Music Teacher

How to Learn Blues Chord Progressions: Vol 1 : How to Play ‘Little Red Rooster’ on Guitar: Part 2

Learn how to play blue chord progressions on the guitar.

Learn some great tips on how to play the blues song ‘Little Red Rooster’ on the guitar in this free video clip on guitar lessons and music theory. Expert: Rick Tobey Contact: Bio: Rick Tobey has been playing guitar for over 30 years. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

Playing Violin & House Music: Beautiful Sound

That’s micha with david vendetta.. but I don’t think it’s the track bleeding heart… if you are Interested in learning to play violin. 100s of lessons for for (not for long) If you are a beginner trying to learn to play violin.. you might benefit from this course. A fun way to learn violin with video lessons that you can download. —- The most affordable violin lessons for beginners (& intermediates) that you will ever find. Best of all that they are online, so you can learn from home! 100s of videos and lifetime membership for updates and such Learn how to play violin easy

Learn to Play Guitar Lesson Part 4

Heres part 4 for y’all. we’re finally starting on electric guitar! and so sorry about the distorted audio. the webcam mic sucks and i had it set a little too high so the audio distorted. i’ll fix it for the next lesson. NOTE – Lesson 5 and 6 are now posted. link to lesson 5 –

five finger exercise 180

“Five-Finger Exercises” for piano – Learn Piano Technique @ Practice finger exercises daily prior to practicing or playing any songs will help to increase the flexibility of your fingers.

How to Play Conga Drums : Son Tumbao Latin Music Rhythms

Son tumbao Latin music rhythms are usually played on the conga drum in a slower fashion. Learn more about how to play son tumbao rhythms with tips from a professional conga drum player in this free music lesson video. Expert: Johnny Conga Contact: Bio: Johnny Conga has been performing on the conga drum for over 40 years. Filmmaker: Curtis Enlow

How to Play the Bass Guitar : How to Play a Blues Scale on Bass Guitar

Play blues scales on bass guitar; learn how with tips from our professional bass guitar instructor in this free music lesson video. Expert: Carl Shepard Contact: Bio: Carl Shepard is a professional bass instructor working at Keller Music in Cincinnati, Ohio. Filmmaker: Jason Sager

Learn How to play guitar Hammer ons and pull offs

WEBSITE: You can get 12 free video guitar lessons from If you are interested in learning Electric Acoustic Jazz Rock Blues Punk Metal you are in the right place. We provide video guitar lessons so you can learn songs from all your favourite bands. We teach Red Hot Chili Peppers Eric Clapton Green Day The Beatles Aerosmith The Rolling Stones Jack Johnson Metallica Nirvana King of Leon and much much MORE In your 12 free video guitar we will teach you chords tab strumming patterns picking patterns power chords barre chords improvisation scales funk rock n roll and much much more 12 free video guitar lessons http