Hear and Play Jazz 201: Breaking Down More Great Jazz Piano Licks With James Wrubel

Visit www.HearandPlayJazz201.com James Wrubel, from the Hear And Play jazz 201 learning dvd, gives you a great inside look into some of his favorite professional licks and triplets that can take your jazz playing to another level! It’s a few minutes of a mega multi-hour course on…

How to play Classical Gas by MASON WILLIAMS on Nylon Classical Guitar (Part 2/4)

I put off learning this song for quite a few years as I knew it would be an undertaking. I started teaching it to a lesson a few years back but unfortunately he gave up on the it. I had a request for it again in early April 2007, this time from a number of students so I finally tackled it head on and finished it in a few short weeks. Surprisingly enough it wasn’t as difficult as I expected. To make this song easier to learn you have to practice it in smaller sections (phrases). Of course it helps if you have already done some finger picking previously.

Learn To Play Drums (Part 3) – Quick, Easy, Simple! (Beginner Basic Rock Beat)

www.DrumsTheWord.com This is part 3 of a series of beginner videos in which I demonstrate for you the first few drum beats every drummer learns when they start out as a beginner. This beat uses eighth notes on the Hi-Hat. It’s a really simple, easy and fun drum groove to learn and will start you on your way to greater things! By the end of this video you will have learned how to play this beat and would have seen the beat played at three different tempos – slow, medium and fast. This clip is taken from a video series I intend to complete some time in the near future. I couldn’t resist sharing it with you right now though as I think it will be really useful for a lot of drummrs just starting out now. Hope you enjoy the video and please feel to email me at rob@drumstheword.com if you have any questions at all. Happy Drumming! For many other FREE drum lessons, videos, articles, drum charts, ideas and lots of drumming inspiration please visit… http

Piano Lessons: 'Phat' Chord Voicings!

From www.playpianotoday.com , Piano Lessons Online – This is a free copy of Phat Chord Voicings Chap. 1. This piano lesson will give your old chords new life! By using the simple concept of ‘Voicings’, standard piano chords become rich, delicious and ‘Phat’. (Phat = “First rate, or excellent”)

Part 1 How to play Country Roads John Denver Guitar lesson

Country Roads – John Denver * This is the guys version. The chords suit my voice. The girls version is pasted on part 2 of this lesson. The chords might suit a girl’s voice better. I use a capo on 2nd fret. Verse 1: (G ) Almost heaven, (Em) West Virginia, (D) Blue Ridge Mountains, (C) Shenandoah (G) river. (G) Life is old there, (Em) older than the trees, (D) younger than the mountains (C) blowin’ like a (G) breeze. CHORUS Country (G) roads, take me (D) home to the (Em) place I (C) belong; West (G) Virginia, mountain (D) momma, take me (C) home, country (G) roads. Verse 2: (G) All my mem’ries (Em) gather ’round her, (D) Miner’s lady, (C) stranger to blue (G) water. (G) Dark and dusty, (Em) painted on the sky, (D) Misty taste of moonshine, (C) teardrop in my (G) eye. REPEAT CHORUS Bridge: (Em) I hear her (D) voice, in the (G) mornin’ hours she calls me, The (C) radio (G) reminds me of my (D) home far away, And (Em) drivin’ down (D) the road I get a (C) feelin’ that I (G) should have been home (D) yesterday, yester (D7) day.(stop) REPEAT CHORUS Ending: Take me (D) home, country (G) roads. (D) (G)

Gospel Keyboard Lessons Key of Ab

learnworshipchords.info In this training series on Gospel Keyboard Lessons Rev. Darrell Cook shows phat voicings for the common 2-5-1 chord progression. Sit back as he take us on a journey through all 12 keys. Enjoy this Gospel Keyboard Lessons. The Key of Ab http Gospel Keyboard Lessons Gospel Keyboard Chords Gospel Keyboard Gospel Music Lessons Learn to play Gospel Piano Black Gospel Piano Black Gospel Piano Lessons Black Gospel Piano Lesson Keyboard Video Lessons How to play Gospel Piano How to Play Gospel Keyboard How to Play Gospel Keyboard Chords How to play Gospel Piano Chords Learn Gospel Piano Chords Gospel Piano Tutorials Gospel Piano Video Tutorials

Learn to play Guitar with The Clintons: Come With Me

Learn to play guitar by watching John McLellan’s thorough and perfectly paced guitar lesson videos featuring the very best of The Clintons. Visit clintonsband.com for song downloads, lyrics and song information as well as an entertaining glimpse into this Bozeman Montana based band’s lifestyle. You can also learn to play many more Clintons songs on guitar. It’s all at clintonsband.com. Learn to play guitar with John’s guitar lessons. Yup, that’s what I said.

How to use flute to play the Lion King- Circle Of Life???

The theme song to the lion king circle of life, near the ending of the song theres a part where someone plays a flute and i think that sounds really good and i want to learn how to play that with the flute….any one have any ideas??? if you want to hear that Download circle of life and listen to it, near the end u you here the flute being played

How to Play the Bass Guitar : Basic Slapping Techniques for Bass Guitar

Use basic slapping techniques onbass guitar; learn how with tips from our professional bass guitar instructor in this free music lesson video. Expert: Carl Shepard Contact: www.entheosmusic.com Bio: Carl Shepard is a professional bass instructor working at Keller Music in Cincinnati, Ohio. Filmmaker: Jason Sager

How to Play the Cornet : Differences Between Trumpets & Cornets

Trumpets and cornets are virtually the same instrument. Learn the similarities and differences between the trumpet and the cornet in this free cornet video music lesson. Expert: Duane Carter Contact: www.duanemcarter.com Bio: Duane Carter is a musician/writer/librarian from Los Angeles, California. He studied trumpet at Locke High School with jazz greats Bobby Bryant, Sr. and Oscar Brashear. Filmmaker: Danyelle Carter