How to Learn Blues Chord Progressions: Vol 1 : How to Play ‘Little Red Rooster’ on Guitar: Part 2

Learn some great tips on how to play the blues song ‘Little Red Rooster’ on the guitar in this free video clip on guitar lessons and music theory. Expert: Rick Tobey Contact: Bio: Rick Tobey has been playing guitar for over 30 years. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

Learn how to play "Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World" on the Ukulele

Well the Copyright Claim against this video has been dropped due to inaction by Range Road Music Inc. Maybe they’re just waiting to sue me, who knows. In my interactions with them (through email), I was very surprised and disturbed by their supposed attitude toward music and copyrights. I explained quite clearly to them that I do not ever intend to profit from this video. It is but my service to people who wish to learn these two wonderful songs. I think they think this is still all about money for me. Frankly, I think it’s all about just money to them, rather than this wonderful legacy that their song (What a Wonderful World) has left. And for the thousands of people who are now able to share in this piece of music as a result of this video. I’m not going to take down this video, but to all my viewers, please remember that as a person going in to Christian Ministry, I will have no means at all to defend myself should a law suit be brought up against me. Please keep in mind how you have been helped by this video, and maybe if I need it some day, you would be able to help me too. Thank you all, once again for watching my video!

Learn acoustic blues lead guitar licks and solo playing Click thelink above to receive free exclusive videos, newletters, and lots of free guitar and music goodies from Next Level Guitar. In this lesson we teach how to embellish and play lead licks over an acoustic blues. LOts of fun and the licks can be played on acoustic or electric guitars. Many more full on video lessons at the full on instructional website at:

Learn to Play Lead Blues Guitar – Expanding The Pentatonic With the Root on "A" String

To request a song click here for stuff not on youtube and to make your requests. NEW CHANNEL FOLLOW ME where I update first at also would love it if you subscribed to my PERSONAL PAGE at http The A root position and it’s corresponding run should be practiced extensively to be able to solo anywhere on the guitar at any time !! This was a real lesson with one of my students, Tommy.

Does the bass guitar have a productive rule to play in blues music?

Hi. I’m learning to play bass my favorate type of music is blues music I like Howling Wolf Muddy watters and Elmore James that kind of thing . I was woundring if the bass guitar has a role to play in Blues Music(chigago kind ,chess) (since I can not think of many famous blues bassists ) and where the best place is (online) to pick up chords and tips to learn to play Blues music on my bass guitar.


Lead guitar learn wide soloing with Pentatonic blues scales Click the above link to get three free jam tracks from Next Level Guitar. In this lesson we teach you how to expand scales and play laterally across the neck using expanded scales which combine patterns – be sure and get the free jam tracks and start practicing your licks. For many more lessons and to learn more about the expanded scales go to our full on instructional website at