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Learn to Play Guitar Lesson Part 4

Heres part 4 for y’all. we’re finally starting on electric guitar! and so sorry about the distorted audio. the webcam mic sucks and i had it set a little too high so the audio distorted. i’ll fix it for the next lesson. NOTE – Lesson 5 and 6 are now posted. link to lesson 5 –

How to Play the Electric Guitar : How to Play Harmonics on the Electric Guitar

Learn how to play harmonics on the electric guitar in this free online music lesson video. Expert: Michael Larney Contact: Bio: Michael Larney is a professional musician, who has been playing guitar and writing music for 15 years. Filmmaker: Andy Strohl

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Learn How to play guitar Hammer ons and pull offs

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How to Play Electric Guitar Solos : How to Use Sweep Picking for Electric Guitar Solos: Part 2

Learn about sweep picking for an electric guitar solo in this free online music lesson video. Expert: John Armstrong Bio: John Armstrong has been teaching guitar at Keller Music for over 15 years now. He has played with countless musicians over the years, and in bands ranging from classical ensembles to rock groups. Filmmaker: Jason Sager