Playing Flute Scales in D Major : How to Play the 7th Note in a D Major Flute Scale

Learn how to play the seventh note in a D major scale on the flute from an expert flutist in this free video on musical instruments and music theory. Expert: Kiely Griffin Bio: Kiely Griffin is a third-year music management and jazz flute student at the Hartt School of Music in West Hartford, CT. She has previously served as vice president, president and member of MEIS Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

How long does it take, in months, to learn to play harmonica ?

How long does it take, in months, to learn to play harmonica to the point where you could jam with some folks playing blues and not get pillows thrown at your head?

I’m not talking technical brilliance here – just good enough to be having fun on standard blues songs without hitting painful notes or chords every other bar or two..

For the sake of the argument, assume about 30 min. per day of practice, and prior familiarity with music in general.


How to Play Rock & Roll Drums : How to Add 16th Note Fills to a Drum Beat

Learn how to play sixteenth note fills in a rock and roll drum beat in this free music lesson video clip. Expert: Kevin Grossman Bio: Kevin Grossman is a young drummer who is studying music at the Jackie McLean Institute of Jazz, in the University of Hartford. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

How to Play the Bass Guitar : How to Play a Pentatonic Blues Scale on Bass Guitar

Play a pentatonic blues scale on bass guitar; learn how with tips from our professional bass guitar instructor in this free music lesson video. Expert: Carl Shepard Contact: Bio: Carl Shepard is a professional bass instructor working at Keller Music in Cincinnati, Ohio. Filmmaker: Jason Sager

Learn To Play Recorder Promo Video

Learn to Play Recorder For more excellent DVD and audio downloads visit To buy this great tutorial as an iphone application visit the app store here This comprehensive series of lessons make learning the recorder great fun. The series includes lessons on: •Assembling and cleaning your recorder •Getting a sound; the too method •Left hand fingering •Adding the right hand •Thumb techniques •Vibrato and high notes The recorder is often the first instrument we learn to play when we are very young. This is because this wonderful instrument is small, transportable and easy to get proficient very quickly. This doesnt mean that the recorder is any less rewarding than other instruments and many famous classical pieces are written for this much loved instrument. This series will appeal to adults and children alike, and would be suitable for parents who wished to learn with their kids. Have fun while you learn with Learn To Play Recorder.