Learning to play the saxophone (Hello Saxophone)

Learning to play the saxophone is fun! This movie is a demo of the many instructional video’s that are included in:”Hello Saxophone (www.hellosaxophone.com) The easy starters guide to the saxophone. For more info visit www.HelloSaxophone.com The first thing to do is to put the mouthpiece up against the upper front teeth in your mouth. Put your upper teeth about halfway on top of the mouthpiece (see the picture below). Its important that you dont push your teeth on the sax! but to push the sax up against your teeth! You do this by pushing the sax forward very slightly with your left thumb and by making sure the length of the neck strap is right. Let the horn rest comfortably against your belly. When you have the mouthpiece in your mouth, push the top of the saxophone away from you gently with your left thumb. You will feel some pressure on your upper teeth. The saxophone becomes sort of stuck between your thumbs and your upper teeth. This will leave your lower jaw completely free so you can breathe in easily without the sax bumbling about in your mouth. This also allows you to control the vibrations of the reed very precisely. Put your lower lip against the reed (make sure your lower teeth dont touch the reed). Curl your lower lip a little like you would if you were biting your lip or trying to say the B in the word baby very clearly so it becomes like a cushion between your lower teeth and the reed. Tthe key to producing good sound is good breathing. Pretend youre

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