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Can you learn to play guitar without having ever held one?

When I was young, some of my friends knew how to play the guitar really good and I alwawys wanted to learn. I always wanted to play the guittar, the piano and violin, but first of all the guitar. Is it possible to learn how to play guitar without having ever held one. If so, how and is there a website to go to or what.

How can I learn to play rhythm guitar?

I’m just learning how to play guitar…I know the D, G, and E minor chord. My friend asked me to be in their band, and I told them to give me some time to improve. about a month or so…
how can I learn quickly? more chords, and arpeggios?
and power chords?
I seriously cannot do a power chord to save my life 😮

I've always wanted to learn to play guitar?

I’m 16 and always wanted to learn how to play guitar. I previously took piano lessons when I was 13, quit ( Piano isn’t my cup of tea ), and I think I might want to try taking guitar lessons. How difficult is it to start learning guitar compared to other instruments if you have a teacher? I played the saxaphone back in 5th-8th grade for the school band, but I never was that great at it. Thanks!