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Learn How To Play Rock Guitar | Learn Electric Guitar For Beginners Newbies

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I've always wanted to learn to play guitar?

I’m 16 and always wanted to learn how to play guitar. I previously took piano lessons when I was 13, quit ( Piano isn’t my cup of tea ), and I think I might want to try taking guitar lessons. How difficult is it to start learning guitar compared to other instruments if you have a teacher? I played the saxaphone back in 5th-8th grade for the school band, but I never was that great at it. Thanks!

Can I learn to play guitar without lessons?

I have only been having lessons for a year, and I have learnt to read notes and play basic chords, and do the 3 scales. But I am thinking of quitting guitar lessons and learning the rest by myself. Would that be wise? And also, would I be able to learn guitar tab and chord progressions on my own? Where do I go from here?