Louie Louie – Learn to Play Easy Guitar Lesson

www.rhythmstrummer.com One of 30 full song lessons + over 100 techniques available. We are doing it all with legal licenses, so that’s why our free stuff is brief. Learn Guitar Here! Come on down to the site for more music, fun, and education. Don’t worry, we’ll practice WITH you. 😉

Learn to Play Guitar | Guitar Beginner

www.ProvideGoodGuide.com — How to Learn Play a Guitar Do you want to learn play a guitar and do not know where to start? The main requirement is that you must already have a guitar. The next step is to follow the five steps below : TUNING YOUR GUITAR Before you start, make sure your guitar is not out of tune. Keep in mind that tuning is an important aspect to develop if you wish to become a better musician. GUITAR CHORD CHART Guitar Chord is very important since you will not be able to remember most of them instantly. PICK A SONG The song you should pick as your practice song had to be simple. No metal rock. Slow tempo .Easy chord pattern like A, C, D, E, or G. LISTEN TO THE SONG You need to listen to your practice song as often as you can and try to pick up the details. It helps to enhance your ability to recognize tones. PRACTICE The more time you spend practicing with your guitar, the faster you will move up and advance. If you can’t play it right, don’t give up! Just keep practicing and eventually you will improve. Once you are comfortable playing your practice song, you can start picking another song to learn. Do not take a shortcut because it might frustrate you and discourage to continue learning. Further lessons can be found at : www.ProvideGoodGuide.com — How to Learn Play a Guitar