Learn how to play fingerstyle acoustic guitar lesson finger picking free strokes & exercises part4

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Learn how to play beginner Fingerstyle acoustic guitar part1

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How to Play Upright Bass : How to Play Latin Style Music on the Upright Bass

Play Latin style music on the upright bass guitar; learn how with tips from our expert upright bass player in this free music lesson video. Expert: Branson Garner Bio: Branson Garner has been playing the upright bass for nearly 10 years, from the high school jazz band to the 23rd Army National Guard Band. Filmmaker: Josh Wolstenholme

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Learn Guitar Chords | Learn to Play Guitar Chords

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How to play Classical Gas by MASON WILLIAMS on Nylon Classical Guitar (Part 4/4)

I put off learning this song for quite a few years as I knew it would be an undertaking. I started teaching it to a lesson a few years back but unfortunately he gave up on the it. I had a request for it again in early April 2007, this time from a number of students so I finally tackled it head on and finished it in a few short weeks. Surprisingly enough it wasn’t as difficult as I expected. To make this song easier to learn you have to practice it in smaller sections (phrases). Of course it helps if you have already done some finger picking previously.