Learn how to play fingerstyle acoustic guitar lesson finger picking free strokes & exercises part4

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Learn how to play piano: Lesson #34 Hanon

In this lesson, I talk about the Pro’s and con’s of hanon exersizes. I also go over my person favorite exersizes for beginners in hanon. Some info on the man behind the book: Charles-Louis Hanon (July 2, 1819–March 19, 1900) was a French piano pedagogue and composer. He is most well known for his work The Virtuoso Pianist In 60 Exercises which has become part of the standard method for modern piano teachers. Abby Whiteside (1881-1956) Did not like the Hanon method and advocated use of arm technique. If you’d like to download hanon Here’s some links for you sheetmusicarchive.net www.amazon.com Also! Be sure to join the music community forums on my website! This is a place where people can come together and learn piano, as well as encourage eachother! www.howtoplaypiano.ca

How do you learn to play blues guitar?

I have a guitar and I have even taken a class. I learned to play a few songs and how to read tabs. I have used tab websites but they don’t rate the songs on how hard they are, and I have yet to find a good site.

Ideally there would be a site that starts with little 8 bar blues songs that I can pick through, minimal chords, and then the tabs will progress to harder longer blues songs with turnarounds and licks and whatnot. Any suggestions would be great.

Please don’t just post a tab site unless there is a free beginning section.

What I am not looking for is a purely tab site unless the songs are rated according to difficulty. I am not looking for chord charts, picking exercises, or scales.

If you can be of help, I would appreciate it. Thanks!