Gospel Piano Lesson -Donnie McClurkin – I Call You Faithful

Here is a free piano lesson teaching you how to play Donnie McClurkin’s gospel song “I Call You Faithful.” The song is taught by Gospel and Jazz Pianist extraordinaire Alton Merrell. Get an Instructional DVD or Digital Download of this lesson and others like it by visiting www.altonmerrell.com Get your lessons today! You will not be disappointed! Have questions? Email us at contact@altonmerrell.com We look forward to helping you play at your maximum potential! Black Gospel Piano Course Hear and Play Gospel Lessons Christian piano music Gospel music piano lessons GospelKeyboard Gospel Organ Gospel Theory Play Piano Today Black Gospel Music Learn Gospel Music Music Teacher


Learn to play harmonica. MUSIC 097 OK ~ BENDING NOTES ~ What makes a note bend? Normally, when you play a note on your harp, the air passes over the reed more or less parallel with it. If you cause the air to pass over the reed at an angle … it makes the reed vibrate at a different rate, so the note changes its pitch and we say the note has “bent.” IT’S BY CHANGING THE SHAPE OF THE CAVERN OF YOUR MOUTH THAT THE AIR IS DEFLECTED AND THIS AFFECTS THE TONE AND PITCH OF THE REED. Some trivia ~ when you bend a note on a harmonica, the note flattens . . . when you bend a note on a stringed instrument, ie a guitar, the note sharpens. ! Now isn’t this great information? ! ! ! There are several ‘bending’ methods in addition to what’s on the video, here are two others ~ 1) Place your harp in your lips at hole 1 … inhale while DRAWING FROM YOUR ABDOMEN … drop your jaw. The note will bend. Try it on holes 2, 3 and 4. (These are the holes that are the easiest to bend.) See it demonstrated here – this is an EXCELLENT presentation – www.youtube.com 2) This method is a bit more advanced. ~ Choose one of the holes 1 to 4 … USING THE MUSCLES DEEP IN YOUR THROAT/NECK draw the air through the reed. ie DRAW FROM YOUR THROAT. Your tongue goes back a bit and your jaw drops a little … it’s dinky to explain, however by experimenting you’ll soon get it. See it demonstrated by Adam Gussow on this video – watch his throat closely and you’ll understand. www.wonderhowto.com Bending notes

Hear and Play Tenor Saxophone 101 : The notes of the scale on the tenor sax along with breathing and fingering technique!

George Shelby, from the Hear and Play Tenor Sax learning dvd, teaches you the notes of the tenor sax in this simple clip. It’s a few minutes of a mega multi-hour course on playing by ear (with no sheet music). Learn how to solo over chord patterns, and how to play the tenor sax freely by ear. www.TenorSaxToday.com George Shelby has played with greats such as Aretha Franklin, Smokey Robinson, Bobby Caldwell, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, Dionne Warwick, and Johnny Hallyday!

Music Theory / Ear Training: Learn to Play Songs by Ear.

h4 Practice Free with TrainEar.com: www.trainear.com -p Apparently there’s some kind of misconception from some saying guessing and checking on actual songs is better. Training interval identification in a coordinated way lets you get this ability infinitely faster. Associating intervals…

Gospel Keys 500: Learn to Play Shouting Music by Ear Part 2

Master shouting music by learning my never-before-seen techniques. I break shouting music into three key sections: “The Shouting Intro,” “The Main Loop Period” and “The Cool-down.” You’ll explore each part, step-by-step. I guarantee that you won’t find shouting music taught in these 3 steps ANYWHERE ELSE! WWW.GOSPELKEYS500.COM

Piano Lessons: 'Phat' Chord Voicings!

From www.playpianotoday.com , Piano Lessons Online – This is a free copy of Phat Chord Voicings Chap. 1. This piano lesson will give your old chords new life! By using the simple concept of ‘Voicings’, standard piano chords become rich, delicious and ‘Phat’. (Phat = “First rate, or excellent”)

Hear and Play Drums 103: CLip #1

With Hear and Play Drums 103, you’ll learn… How to play ultra-advanced fills, stroke-for-stroke! Bam repeats himself plenty of times and takes these advanced fills slow enough for anyone to catch on! Master the art of “crossovers” and how to enhance your grooves and fills by using them in the right places. Diversify your playing by learning gospel, jazz, funk, rock, and Latin grooves… all broken down, step-by-step.