Part 1 How to play Country Roads John Denver Guitar lesson

Country Roads – John Denver * This is the guys version. The chords suit my voice. The girls version is pasted on part 2 of this lesson. The chords might suit a girl’s voice better. I use a capo on 2nd fret. Verse 1: (G ) Almost heaven, (Em) West Virginia, (D) Blue Ridge Mountains, (C) Shenandoah (G) river. (G) Life is old there, (Em) older than the trees, (D) younger than the mountains (C) blowin’ like a (G) breeze. CHORUS Country (G) roads, take me (D) home to the (Em) place I (C) belong; West (G) Virginia, mountain (D) momma, take me (C) home, country (G) roads. Verse 2: (G) All my mem’ries (Em) gather ’round her, (D) Miner’s lady, (C) stranger to blue (G) water. (G) Dark and dusty, (Em) painted on the sky, (D) Misty taste of moonshine, (C) teardrop in my (G) eye. REPEAT CHORUS Bridge: (Em) I hear her (D) voice, in the (G) mornin’ hours she calls me, The (C) radio (G) reminds me of my (D) home far away, And (Em) drivin’ down (D) the road I get a (C) feelin’ that I (G) should have been home (D) yesterday, yester (D7) day.(stop) REPEAT CHORUS Ending: Take me (D) home, country (G) roads. (D) (G)

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