What instrument is harder to learn to play, the flute or the guitar?

I have learned how to play the flute and I own a guitar but have nowhere to take lessons. I only get to take them for eight days in the summer. I do practice what I know a lot. What would you say is harder to learn? Also, can someone teach themselves to play guitar?

Is it possible for anyone to learn to play the flute?

I’ve been in lessons for like a month now and I’m feeling like maybe I’m hopeless. I’m inconsistent with my embouchure. Sometimes I get a decent sound and sometimes I don’t. I have trouble keeping my airflow steady and breaking my fingerings. Should I be discouraged or is this normal. Please be honest as I’m spending 21.50 per hour on lessons.

how can i learn to play this flute etude faster in 1 week or less?

i have regional auditions coming up. which is when all the band players from the region come and have to do a series of things for a contest. well the speed i’ve can play this etude on my metronome is 120 but the speed i need to play it is 198. every time i try to play it faster it sounds like i’m double tounging on each note. can someone please help me.

How long does it take to learn to play the flute?

I know it is easy to pick up other instruments once you already play one. I have been playing the clarinet since was in middle school. I have also played the violin, french horn, and a little piano. That said, i read music well, but am learning a whole new instrument. How long did it take you to pick up a second or third instrument and play it well?

When I say play well, I mean, enough to play a solo or confidently say that I play (not play at) the instrument.