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Can I learn to play a violin and a piano at the same time?

I’m 15. I haven’t even touched a piano in 5 years & I only got a few months of actual learning with is practically nothing now. Also, I didn’t even like pianos first. I tried the guitar 4 years ago, too. But, with only a few months of playing, I gave up. I feel like I selfishly wasted my life on video games and tv. Now, I want to try it again. I already have an upright piano in storage. Also, I want to get violin. I don’t really like holding the guitar, and that’s sort of why I don’t play it. I realize that learning to play even 1 instrument takes time. Do you think that this is possible?

I want to learn to play the piano?

I’ve been interested in learning to play the piano, I might take classes this summer and everything. I was wondering thought if anybody could give me any advice in what kind of piano I should buy?I want to buy one later if I improve with the classes, but I don’t know what kind I should get. I know I might be getting ahead of myself but I’m just too curious so yeah. I don’t know a whole lot about pianos but I’m learning a bit right now, so if anybody has any kind of advice for me I will really appreciate it!