Is it realistically possible to learn to play the violin well at age 40 with no previous musical experience?

I’ve always loved the sound of the violin and have been curious about learning to play it, especially in the style you hear in Irish music. That looks very difficult. So just wondering I guess if a relatively old dog could learn new tricks or if this is one of those things you have to learn in your fomative years.
Any example of people who have learned to play only later in life would be inspirational!

How do I learn to play a vibrato on my violin?

I have played violin on and off for about 10 years, but still pretty much a beginner. I do not take private lessons today, but I am very interested in learning tips to develop a vibrato. Any suggestions – tips, books, websites that could help? Thanks in advance.

Is it possible to learn play the violin by yourself?

Without an instructor, only internet and some music sheets.

I learned to play the guitar all by myself and only know how to read tabs, not music.

My mom kept saying me that it’s no use since we can’t afford to pay me an instructor if ever i have bought the violin. But i really wanna learn to play it.

So.. is it possible?

Can I learn to play a violin and a piano at the same time?

I’m 15. I haven’t even touched a piano in 5 years & I only got a few months of actual learning with is practically nothing now. Also, I didn’t even like pianos first. I tried the guitar 4 years ago, too. But, with only a few months of playing, I gave up. I feel like I selfishly wasted my life on video games and tv. Now, I want to try it again. I already have an upright piano in storage. Also, I want to get violin. I don’t really like holding the guitar, and that’s sort of why I don’t play it. I realize that learning to play even 1 instrument takes time. Do you think that this is possible?

Can I learn violin without having to hurt my piano fingers?

I’ve been playing piano since high school and played classical pieces. I’m wondering if my fingers get injured or dexterity loss on piano if I learn to play violin. I expect an advice from a classical pianist. You know, I wont risk my dexterity. If playing violin affects dexterity, then I wouldn’t mind learning it.
Please give me some advise as I’m planning to get a violin next week.

What visual material can you suggest to me to help me learn to play the violin?

I don’t want formal lessons, but from what I can tell it is unlikely (or just really really bad) to try and grope around trying to teach my self… So I guess I want an in-between option, semi-formal one might say. Basically what are the best instructional videos for learning the violin.

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I want to learn how to play violin is it too late to learn violin?
I have always wanted to learn to play violin ever since i was in middle school but i was never given the chance to learn violin because i was learning english and there was no space for music classes. But i really do want to learn how to play.

Learn To Play Violin ?? What is the best resources?? Help!?

I need few suggestion here.. I dont have enough time to attend any violin classes .. But I need learn how to play the violin well ..what is the best resourcess to learn violin ?? please help me because i need to show my skill to someone that i like..