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www.TheGuideInfo.com — How To Play Piano and Learn To Play Piano Playing the piano is both a cerebral and physical endeavor – BUT, with the proper guidance, it can be a relaxing pursuit. Here’s How to Start Learning to Play Piano. GRAB your keyboard… or go to your piano! Just START with playing – one note after another, and keep going. AND, if the very first step leads to the first slip, be glad for it. The piano/keyboard, like the guitar, is a “TOUCHY” instrument. Touch it, and you both produce and color its tones, like a potter molding clay. Think of the keys, all gleaming white, as the “SKIN” of the piano; you can either please them or hurt them. STROKE them, and the sound will come out mellow and purring. How to play piano? POKE them, and the sound will either “bark” sharply or woodenly “thud.” STOP thinking of yourself as playing “ON” or “AT” the piano. Rather, think of the instrument as an extension of your own body. When an artificial leg is fitted to an amputee, he or she is then taught to walk with it. Gradually, it feels more natural – more like his or her own leg walking. To learn more about How To Play Piano, please visit our website: www.TheGuideInfo.com