Will i lose my embouchure for trombone if i learn trumpet?

Okay, I have been playing Trombone for five years and I want to learn to play Trumpet too. I DO NOT want to switch to Trumpet, I just want to learn for fun and because I have to teach the younger kids below me. I play Trombone for marching band, symphonic band, and jazz band. I do not want to change that, I just want to learn Trumpet to help others and thats it and MAYBE play it for Jazz band 2. (We have two Jazz Bands at my school). Now my question is, if i learn to play Trumpet, will it hurt my Trombone embouchure?

Is the saxophone easy to learn after you already know how to play the flute?

I might be joining marching band soon and I already have been playing the flute for longer 3 years. But I can’t play flute in the marching band and I don’t want to play the picccolo, so I was wondering if it would be a lot of hard work to learn how to play the saxophone. If it is, does anyone know if any other marching instruments might be easy to learn other than the piccolo?

Can a Flute player learn to play Trumpet, without forgetting how to play Flute?

Ok, I didn’t know how to write this question lol. I play flute in my school band, signed up for high school band, and I play in a marching band. I am still going to be taking flute in high school and learning more. I am planning to have a career in music maybe when I am older, and I would like to play more instruments. Everyone says that if you play flute and want to take another instrument we have to take saxophone or clarinet. I heard that it is best to learn trumpet for a music career so thats what I was planning, so if I took trumpet would I forget flute or something? I would still continue learning flute, and playing in a marching band, I would just like to learn trumpet on the side.
Thanks so Much!

Should I learn to play the Trombone or the Trumpet?

I am 14 years old and I play flute in a marching band, and my school band. I want to learn a second instrument.

I think I want to be a music teacher as a career when I am older, so I want to have more of a musical backround. I will have the flute for my main instrument, but I want to learn another instrument in my spare time.

I want to play a brass instrument and I’ve narrowed it down to trombone and trumpet. I just want to know which would be better for me, and if you play one you can talk about that too.

I don’t usually use the internet to solve my problems, and I think i’m kind of stupid for asking this, but I just want opinions from people who are more experienced.

Thanks – Lindsay