Learn how to play a pan flute. MUSIC 104 In this video BP teaches you how to produce good clear, rich, melodious notes on your pan flute. Many new pan pipers have some initial difficulty getting their flute to speak properly! Everyone’s mouth is shaped differently so there isn’t a “one size fits all” specific for everybody. HOW TO GET A NOTE 1) Place the flute a little below your bottom lip. 2) Take some air into your lungs, 3) Form your lips into a slight smile, “purse” them and blow gently across the top of the hole BREATHING FROM YOUR ABDOMEN … PUSH YOUR BREATH BY CONTRACTING YOUR ABDOMINAL MUSCLES. 4) When you blow, start the stream of air using an action with your tongue as if saying the word “too.” 5) Adjust the distance of the rim of the flute viv-a-vis your lower lip, as needed, by moving it a little up or down and also the angle, (as demonstrated on the video) and you’ll find the right spot where the flute delivers the best note. As you play, listen to the quality of each note and fine-tune it — as necessary — so you produce the purest note on each pipe. ie – you’re playing a song, you’re moving the flute and playing on different pipes, – keep your ear cocked as you play each note and make alterations by adjusting the angle of the flute, its position on or below your lip and the tightness or openness of your lips (your embouchure) as needed, to secure the purest note. You may possibly find as you go to play the very highest notes to squeeze your lips very

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