BAJAN PIED PIPER * How to play Pan Flute – 3/3

Learn how to play a pan flute. MUSIC 106! Don’t just pick up your instrument and play every song the same old way! Give each song its own special touch. Give your music life and feeling. PLAY FROM YOUR HEART… play with PIZZAZZ!. (Wish I could underline that!) Let your song express emotion, joy, excitement, sorrow, sentiment, ardor, pain, tenderness, warmth, passion, sensuality, happiness… according to its kind and the way you wish it to be received … AND LET YOUR “BODY LANGUAGE” MIRROR YOUR PASSION… Remember: every song has its own essence, message, persona. You must get in synch with it and express it with FEELING! Please see Here I play – With These Hands – and demonstrate many techniques you can use to make your playing sparkle, such as vibrato, bending, slurred notes, glissando, semi-tones … I also express some personal sentiments which I hope will resonate cheerfully with you 🙂 ! ! ! forward this video to your friends! it may inspire them! (at the very least they’ll have a good laugh!) By the way I got my first pan flute somewhere around March /09 and the first video I posted on YouTube was in May /09 so I had only been playing it for about 3 months. I mention this to say the PF is not at all a difficult instrument to learn to play. See Since then Ive posted several other videos look for them and observe the various techniques I use to give expression to the songs. Of course I am by no means a virtuoso! But I have been

Learn how to play "Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World" on the Ukulele

Well the Copyright Claim against this video has been dropped due to inaction by Range Road Music Inc. Maybe they’re just waiting to sue me, who knows. In my interactions with them (through email), I was very surprised and disturbed by their supposed attitude toward music and copyrights. I explained quite clearly to them that I do not ever intend to profit from this video. It is but my service to people who wish to learn these two wonderful songs. I think they think this is still all about money for me. Frankly, I think it’s all about just money to them, rather than this wonderful legacy that their song (What a Wonderful World) has left. And for the thousands of people who are now able to share in this piece of music as a result of this video. I’m not going to take down this video, but to all my viewers, please remember that as a person going in to Christian Ministry, I will have no means at all to defend myself should a law suit be brought up against me. Please keep in mind how you have been helped by this video, and maybe if I need it some day, you would be able to help me too. Thank you all, once again for watching my video!