Learn To Play Piano By Ear Harmonizing Melodies With Chords

101.gkdvds.com http Gospel Keys 101 This harmonization scale technique that I’ve learned from this “Gospel Keys 101” DVD has helped me A LOT to instantly play songs by ear. Anyone can pick up a melody, but learning how to harmonize it with chords. After I learned the “Harmonization Scale” from this video, I was surprised how quickly I put chords and bass to the melody, resulting in full-sounding songs. For more info, check out this site: www.gkdvds.com This Harmonization Scale is also taught in their best selling 300 pg piano course www.playpianosecrets.com Also, check out their Ultimate Starter Pack which is their 3 best resources to start w the DVD, book, and a Chords CD series that explains everything you need to learn: starter.playpianosecrets.com Get your own member account on their free piano learning community: zone.hearandplay.com

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