Learn To Play Drums (Part 4) – Quick, Easy, Simple! (Beginner Basic Rock Beat)

www.drumstheword.com This is part 4 of a series of beginner videos in which I demonstrate for you the first few drum beats every drummer learns when they start out as a beginner. This beat uses quarter notes on the Hi-Hat. It’s a really simple, easy and fun drum groove to learn and will start you on your way to greater things! By the end of this video you will have learned how to play this beat and would have seen the beat played at three different tempos – slow, medium and fast. This clip is taken from a video series I intend to complete some time in the near future. I couldn’t resist sharing it with you right now though as I think it will be really useful for a lot of drummrs just starting out now. Hope you enjoy the video and please feel to email me at rob@drumstheword.com if you have any questions at all. Happy Drumming! For many other FREE drum lessons, videos, articles, drum charts, ideas and lots of drumming inspiration please visit… http

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