HARMONICA LESSON-Beginners: Learn the Best Mouth Position

More Free Videos at FreeHarmonicaLessons.com This harmonica lesson is for beginners and intermediate students who feel stuck. You will learn “The Deep Relaxed Embouchure (mouth position)” which will act as foundation for almost everything to come. It will help you play a sweet rich tone, accelerate your progress, and free you up to learn more advanced techniques in the future. I believe many students quit harmonica because they weren’t taught this technique properly and wound up getting stuck and frustrated trying to learn single notes and bending. (In this lesson I’m using a “C” harp). If my lessons help you make a break through I would love to know that I have made you life more wonderful. You can email me a jp@jpallen.com GOOD LUCK!!! (Incidentaly I had a slip of the tongue in this video please substitute the word “reed plate” for “cover plate”)

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