BAJAN PIED PIPER * Learn to Play the Pan Flute – 2/3

Learn how to play a pan flute. MUSIC 105 The music you play will be as beautiful as you make it! Basic notes are like ugly ducklings – – you have to transform them into swans! You do this by employing the various techniques I show you in this video, such as tremolo, bending, articulation, slurring etc.. You need these and the other skills I teach you, to make your playing sparkle. Notice examples of a slurred attack, syncopated phrasing, a bit of improvisation and silences in my vid I play about 10 different instruments and I find the Pan Flute is the easiest of all to learn and play. It’s a beautiful instrument and people just love to hear you play it! ~ I play classics, jazz, blues, ballads – and every genre of music you can think of. go to ~ and listen to the Pan Flute playing Blues! Please also visit my home page at ~ Do go to YouTube’s ‘Search’ – enter how to play the pan flute and you’ll find many teachers posting videos. Look at all of them and learn as much as you can. The essential thing is to PRACTICE. When practicing, if you start feeling tired or irked, stop … and come back later. Dont get frustrated! You’ll find, in the interim, your ‘mind’ continues to work on the ‘problem’ and when you come back you can manage much better. Practice a bit every day and soon and before you know it, you’ll be playing beautifully and masterfully! SOME IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT PRACTICE … YOUR BODY REMEMBERS WHATEVER IT

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