"Use Somebody" (Kings Of Leon) Drum Lesson: Learn How To Play Drums (Nathan Followill)

NEW VIDEO LESSON AVAILABLE – www.videos.drumstheword.com Download a new 35 minute, updated and high definition version of this video lesson directly to your hard drive at. WATCH THE LESSON PREVIEW HERE – www.youtube.com DOWNLOAD THE NEW VIDEO HERE – www.videos.drumstheword.com DOWNLOAD THE FULL DRUM CHART HERE – www.videos.drumstheword.com NEW VIDEO DETAILS… This 35 minute tutorial teaches you how to play this great song and sound just like Nathan Followill. Learn some of Nathan Followill’s best drum beats, fills and licks and then impress your band mates by incorporating them into your own playing. You can be busting out Nathan style drum beats and fills in no time at all! Really get inside the head of this talented drummer and find out what makes him “tick” by learning his drums parts, note for note, lick for lick! Each beat, fill, lick and bar is broken down into small, easy to understand chunks which are then explained and demonstrated in a clear and simple manner. The alignment of the hands and feet are demonstrated including which hand to use when and on which drum. You can learn this song simply by watching and listening – no ability to read music is required! This video comes with the FREE fully notated drum chart, for those that wish to read, that takes you through the whole song from start to finish. The chart has been written out in full drum notation and has purposefully avoided the use of repeats and 1st and 2nd time endings for ease of reading and

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