Unforgettable Beatles tones from a timeless Epiphone electric guitar

Remember all those Beatles recordings from the 1960’s and also the begining of the 1970’s? Ticket to Ride might be one which usually can come to your memory and featured John Lennon in addition to George Harrison playing what was to turn into the legendary Beatles guitar – the Epiphone Casino electric guitar.

During one particular time or another all three of the guitar playing Beatles possessed and played Epiphone Casinos, and this amazing guitar on it’s own is certainly just what gave them their particular sound through this period.

All through the early to late 1960’s semi hollow body in addition to hollow body guitars happened to be particularly fashionable with pop groups, undoubtedly more so compared to solid body guitars which certainly began to make their impact in the seventies with super bands and artists such as Led Zeppelin popularizing the Gibson’s together with the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton producing fantastic sounds out of Stratocasters. Rock music in the seventies grew to be far more musically dominated by instruments and it turned in to the age of the guitar solo, where loads of sustain was the order of the day.

Move back 10 years however and pop songs were still dominated by harmonies in addition to vocals, and appealing songs that would dominate the radio waves. The Beatles having John Lennon and George Harrison each playing an Epiphone Casino guitar, were the powerhouse music group that spearheaded that era, and their songs have lived on and become classics in the ensuing 50 years.

Today Epiphone have achieved a terrific job in reproducing guitars as used by the music masters all those many years ago. These guitars are far more than solely tributes, they are dependable reproductions of vintage designs making use of top quality materials and electronics which reproduce as close as possible the instruments that were made back then. Another such guitar is the Epiphone Casino Elitist – fundamentally a luthier crafted guitar with every single consideration to detail. These guitars are all a joy to play – being hollow will mean a super light weight guitar.

Having fun with melodies by the Beatles should certainly be a tremendous amount of fun simply because they are primarily 3 chord songs together with very easy to pick up rhythm and a not too challenging guitar solo somewhere located in the midsection of the songs. Trying to play Beatles songs using a guitar similar to models they themselves put to use can make that experience a whole lot better.

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