Trumpet Breath (4) : Circular Breathing

Circular breathing is a more advanced technique, but it’s still pretty easy to learn (more difficult to master). It may have first been done with the didgeridoo (an ancient aboriginal Australian instrument around for thousands of years). On trumpet it can be used for a long passage that doesn’t allow you to take a breath. It’s also a dramatic trick that can get an audience going in the right circumstances. Learn how to do it here.

How to Play the Flute, Trombone & Trumpet : How to Begin to Play the Trumpet

When learning how to play the trumpet, find out about the different parts such as the mouthpiece, then learn basic notes from a beginning book or an instructor. Get started playing the trumpet in this free music-education video on music lessons and instrument care from a music store manager. Expert: Chris Behrens Contact: Bio: Chris Behrens is the sales manager of Summerhays Music in Murray, Utah. He has a degree in band instrument repair from Red Wing Tech College. Filmmaker: Michael Burton