"Life In Technicolour ii" (Coldplay) Drum Lesson: Learn How To Play Drums (Will Champion)

DOWNLOAD THE FULL DRUM CHART HERE – www.videos.drumstheword.com Download quality, high definition full length song tutorials straight to your hard drive or iPod at www.videos.drumstheword.com In this video I will be showing you how to play the drums along to “Life In Technicolour ii” by Coldplay, performed by drummer Will Champion. I have chosen to play the right hand parts on the Hi-Hat and not the floor tom so that the bass drum can be heard more clearly. Simply replace any Hi-Hat parts with floor tom when playing this yourself. I have chosen to demonstrate for you only the main drum beats and fills within the song…both slowly and up to speed. The drum notation will be appearing at the bottom of the screen as I play the parts. Thechart has been written out in full drum notation and has purposefully avoided the use of repeats and 1st and 2nd time endings for ease of reading and navigation. This means that every single bar of the song has been written out in full from start to finish. Some of the sections have been given suggested sticking examples, written below the notation, to help you perform the parts easier. The different sections of the song (Verse, Chorus etc.) have been labelled on the chart for ease of navigation. Enjoy! For many other FREE drum lessons, videos, articles, drum charts, ideas and lots of drumming inspiration please visit http

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