Learn to Play Piano in 8 Minutes – Learn to Play Little bit of Wisdom Medium

Hey guys, this is my song, it is called little bit of wisdom. I thought I would make a tutorial of how to play it. I know you probably don’t know the song right now, but any song is good for helping you learn piano I believe. Here are the lyrics C Am G Little bit of wisdom at the side of the road Says be kind to your neighbours C Am GF Isnt as if its something I didnt already know Am G But its nice to be reminded Gets me thinking about the woes of the world Maybe Ill end world hunger Some would say its impossible C Am GF Am G But even impossible things, are still worth trying Chorus Fsus C Am G There will be summer days too sweet to explain Rain, when youre inside anyway Flowers and wishes, true love and kisses F Am G And the intelligence to know when you see F Am G A little bit of wisdom, at the side of the road. Fsus c Am G Saw a girl at the side of the road Looked like she had been crying She said Im waiting for this bus for so long and Im getting old She said Dont wanna look back at the things that Ive done Saying man, I coulda been something Still, all my dreams are impossible I say impossible things are still worth trying Chorus Bridge (slow down) Am GC Am G She says that I dont believe you With all this fighting I cant pick out the lies I say that you gotta have faith I say that you gotta survive Everything bad will eventually end And it looks like your bus has arrived Hope this is helpful

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