Learn To Play Gospel Piano

cli.gs Announcing A Closely Guarded Secret That Will Have You Playing Gospel Piano In 30 Days Or Less100% Guaranteed! Well, let me give you just a tiny peek of what’s inside this amazing material: ♪ Technique development with full practice suggestions including scales and arpeggios to bring your gospel playing to life ♪ An introduction to memory training which plays an important part in gospel and the different exercises you can do to build up your playing confidence ♪ Discover the correct technique development using your fingers and how to improve your weak fingers and when to use your thumb ♪ How to make the piano speak as a Gospel pianist making sure you have the right fingers on the right keys ♪ Understand the different finger exercises and how best to use them for yourself ♪ How to use the metronome correctly and why it can dramatically improve your skill as a gospel pianist ♪ Why improvisation plays an important part in Gospel music and the relation of improvisation to Gospel piano accompaniment ♪ Including simplified four part arrangements for the novice student and more complex arrangements for the more experienced player ♪ What is meant by octave chord accompaniment and examples of Octave Chord Form ♪ How to tackle the prelude to any song using improvisation and knowing how long the prelude should be and even when to use an incomplete prelude ♪ An introduction to playing with a choir and working with the choir leader using suggested song service

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