Learn Piano in 10 minutes – Learn to Play Bubbles in the Rain

www.itunes.com www.myspace.com Here are the lyrics: I know a girl, she’s like a rainbow And she’s read the golden compass, likes elvis And I think she’s pretty special to me Well I think she’s really special Chorus She plays with bubbles in the rain (I like her like that) She makes me feel like I’m famous (I like her like that) and she is going out with my good friend And that’s cool with me cause she’s still my friend And she sings my songs while we play with bubbles in the rain I know a girl she’s like a bookmark And she’s got her own ideas about religion And she did better on the LSAT than me And I think that’s pretty special Chorus Bridge: This is where I get poetic Just a little bit prophetic Telling all the world about how I think it’s supposed to be But I don’t know much right from wrong I’m just a writer of a song She says shut up sit down and sing your preach song, to me (Key Change) To me Chorus

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