Learn How to Play Pacman on the Piano! =]

learn how to play pacman on the piano! =] video and audio a little out of sync x__x i tried to make this video as simple as possible so that people could be able to catch on easily…i included the note names for the keys i played for those who know how to interpret notes, and for those who dont i played slow so you could visually see what note i played a chart on how to interpret note names: i5.photobucket.com anyways, this is my first video teaching ppl how to play something on the piano so if you guys have any possible advice on how to improve this video or tips on future videos, please comment and let me know also, this is my own version of the song that i learned by ear and may be a little different from sheet music you can find online, so let me know if something does not sound right other than that enjoy =] feel free to rate and comment =]

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