How To Play Bass Guitar – Lessons for Beginners – Open Strings

FULL COURSE: TrueFire – On Twitter – http On Facebook – In this section I will introduce you to the wonders of written music, starting with the most basic things to play on your Bass, open strings. I strongly urge every beginning Bassist to learn how to read. Not doing so will only shut you out of a great deal of information and knowledge. So the best way to start is to get used to looking at the music while you play some very simple exercises. Well learn to understand what the differences between whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, triplets and sixteenth notes are, and how to establish good practice habits to familiarize yourself with them. Ill also talk about the need to learn how to mute the strings that you are not playing and give you some tips to start working on. I will also give you some tips on right hand technique to help you get a nice consistent tone out of your Bass.

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