Greyson97: Better Than Beiber

<a href=””>A cover of “Paparazzi” by a 6th grade boy</a> is the latest in a long line of “YouTube sensation” and for a very good reason. Greyson97 is a fantastic singer! The way his music career is quickly taking off (he’s already booked on Ellen) off of a YouTube video reminds me of how the now super famous Justin Bieber got his career kick started. The big difference is Greyson 97’s “Paparazzi” video is much more impressive.

While I would definitely rather listen to <a href=””>The Beatles Remastered Stereo CD Box Set</a> I do have to give some love to this young kid (who I only know by his username on YouTube because he is quite a vocalist, especially when his youth is considered.

Other than the clear singing talent that “Greyson97” has, I think what’s most impressive is the passion that he seems to have in his vocals. I believe that is what sets him apart from other talented young vocalists out there. And it is the passion I hear in these vocals that is missing from the majority of popular music these days.

I must say that the quality of the recording on his original songs is not very high. Perhaps I’m being too hard on “Greyson97″ since he’s just a sixth grader but he could definitely stand to read up on the latest information on the topic of <a href=””>home recording</a>.

Although, I’m sure that will not be necessary because some big name producer will jump at the chance to create a hit album with this kid. Justin Bieber has already shown that “internet viral sensations” can have a hit CD and I am pretty sure Greyson97 could have a big hit album too.

I do want to end with a bit of a “teaching moment.” Fantastic singers come and go. It’s great compositions that really matter. I believe what makes so much of modern popular music so easily forgettable isn’t that there aren’t excellent singers (there are) but that there are not enough great songwriters.

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