Blues Guitar Lesson BB King Blues Learn Blues Guitar How To Play Blues Guitar BB King The Thrill Is Gone blues guitar lessons teaches you how to play blues guitar and BB King music. Learn blues guitar with this 96-minute blues guitar lesson DVD, BB King, Guitar Signature Licks. Learn the trademark styles and techniques of the most celebrated guitarist in the blues with this information-packed DVD. Providing over an hour-and-a-half of in-depth analysis, Andy Aledort takes you step-by-step through eight classic songs Cryin’ Won’t Help You • Five Long Years • Just Like a Woman • Rock Me Baby • Sweet Little Angel • The Thrill Is Gone • You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now • and You Upset Me Baby. 1 hour, 36 minutes. Learn to play blues guitar and BB King songs exactly note-for-note perfect and knock ’em dead at your next blues jam! This BB King lesson DVD includes The Thrill Is Gone and seven more classic tunes. Once you begin studying with this DVD, you’ll soon be a master of the BB King guitar style, BB King solos, BB King riffs and BB King guitar licks! To really learn and master guitar you’ve got to learn the style of this incredibly influential blues guitar master. Get your copy at Also available “The Three Kings” three-DVD package, including nearly four hours of blues guitar lessons and exact transcriptions of eight of the most classic songs from each of the “Three Kings” BB King, Albert King, and Freddie King. To find out more go to: And for free guitar lessons, free book downloads

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